What is Your Shop?

Your Shop is the most unique system to deliver Sales oriented Promotion & Marketing Services.

At ATCCOS we only charge you when you get a customer and there is a SALE!

While there are many advertising & marketing agencies which charge you for their services without any guarantee that there will be a Sale. And most of the time the money you spend is total loss.

Your Shop is an Real Time Online Store, where you can create your own Online Shop and reach online to all nearby customers.


Your Shop salient features-

  1. Lifetime Registration FREE!
  2. Create your own online store for Products & Services!
  3. Get your Online Store promoted to nearby customers!
  4. Express Free Delivery for your customers.
  5. Easy & Fast Payment Process.
  6. Upgrade to Your Shop Business Consultant and Earn Rewards & Incentives too!


Who can Register?

Your Shop is City/Area specific.

So if you are-

  1. Local Reatiler
  2. Local Wholesaler
  3. Local Manufacturer
  4. Local Service Provider

You can register with us! We would be very keen to Promote your business!

To get Registered with us, please call the person who has sent you this weblink!